BlackFin supports the Hôpitaux de paris – Hôpitaux de France foundation in their fight against the covid-19 pandemic

Faced with the Covid-19 crisis, BlackFin teams are mobilizing by supporting the emergency aid fund of the Hopitaux de Paris – Hopitaux de France Foundation, which assists more than 1000 hospitals and 3,800 public health and social institutions in France in the fight against the sanitary crisis that we are going through, with three priority areas:

Purchase of emergency medical equipment to accelerate the equipment of intensive care units, particularly with respirators, syringe pushers, tests, and palliative care equipment.

Support to nursing staff by financing the delivery of quality, cost-priced meal trays made by professional partners, and by facilitating childcare, accommodation, and  transportation solutions.

Support to patients and families through the distribution of digital tablets as well as hygiene kits in health facilities.

Through its contribution, BlackFin has financed the acquisition of respirators and syringe pushers, as well as the delivery of several thousand meals and digital tablets to hospitals and nursing homes.

The need is immense. We would like to thank the all the health staff for their great professionalism. It is also an opportunity to express our gratitude to those who make their best to help us go through this crisis in the best way. This is the case of the teams of the Foundation, who do a remarkable job, but also of the employees of our portfolio companies which are mobilized every day to ensure business continuity. Best wishes to all.


About the Foundation Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France

Created in 1989, the Foundation has a vocation: to make the hospital, not only a place of care but also a place of life for the fragile people in the hospital. The foundation is overseeing every year the “Yellow Coins” campaign to support children and adolescents in hospital. To date, it has financed more than 15,000 projects in French hospitals for an amount of nearly 150 million euros. Recognized as a public utility since 1994, the Foundation is a member of the Charter of Ethics Committee of organizations that appeal to the generosity of the public.