Cash is King : that’s why we’re investing (again) in Agicap

Today, we are more than happy to support Agicap again. Seven months after the announcement of Agicap’s first round of funding (2,4 million euros), the ambitious team behind this Lyon-based cash forecasting solution for SMEs just closed a 15 million euros Series A with Partech and us, despite the pandemic. This funding round provides Sébastien, Clément, Lucas and their teams with the adequate resources to reach new heights, while improving their AI-based SaaS solution.

In case you don’t remember what’s Agicap is doing, here is what we wrote just a few months ago:

“Agicap and its founders are building a convincing software platform, which provides CFOs and CEOs with a cloud-based cash forecasting solution.

The solution enables SMEs to increase real-time knowledge about their financial health (real-time knowledge about cash availability, a better understanding of cash flow cycles, data reconciliation, etc.) and aims at making better decisions related to cash events.”

Today more than ever, cash is king

With the Covid-19 pandemic (aka “The Great Lockdown”), the topic of cash management is more relevant than ever. In a time where payment delays and defaults are increasing, cash is even more “king” than before, and relevant tools are a must-have.

Since the beginning of the crisis, Agicap has demonstrated the value of its solution, by helping its growing base of clients — 2 000 and counting, from SMEs managers all across France to Urban Startups’ CEOs — to deal with a complex and evolving situation. In addition, through webinars and a dedicated platform, they’ve gathered a community of CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs facing the same challenges.

Anyway, apart from an increased focus on cash management, the situation doesn’t drastically change the fundamentals of Agicap’s market we described in September 2019. The implementation of the PSD2 regulation will bring new opportunities to feed more thorough and automated analysis, and the digitization of traditional businesses in Europe is still in its beginning. According to the European Commission’s statistics, SMEs represent 99% of all businesses in the European Union… and in France, they are 3.8 million. There is still a long way to go as this market remains almost unexplored!

You can be part of this journey

These trends are confirmed by Agicap’s tremendous growth: since its first round of funding in September last year, Agicap’s user base more than doubled. They are still recruiting, by the way, as they plan to go from 30 to 100 employees in the next twelve months, surfing on SaaS-models’ magic.

Well done guys, we are impressed by your growth metrics, your agility and the teams you’ve built so far; Welcome to Partech, Philippe & Côme we are glad to get you on board!

If Cash is King, a great cash-forecasting tool is Ace!