BlackFin acquires GP3 and Decalog software solutions from SunGard and creates NeoXam, a leading European software provider for the asset management

BlackFin acquires GP3 and Decalog, two software solutions dedicated to the asset management and asset servicing industry from SunGard. GP3 is a fund accounting, valuation and reporting software. Decalog is a middle-office, front-office and compliance software. GP3 and Decalog are dedicated to asset managers, fund administrators, and institutional investors. The combination of GP3 and Decalog leads to the constitution of NeoXam.

NeoXam is owned by BlackFin Capital Partners, a private equity firm investing exclusively in European financial services companies, together with financial co-investors.

Overall, NeoXam will employ c. 250 people, of whom c. 150 in Western Europe. NeoXam will generate consolidated revenues of c. USD 50 million. Therefore, NeoXam is established as one of the largest European providers of software solutions dedicated to the asset management industry. NeoXam plans to invest in the continuous improvement of its GP3 and Decalog software solutions, to ensure that they remain the best available products in the market.

Laurent Bouyoux, President of BlackFin Capital Partners, declares: “we are delighted to acquire GP3 and Decalog, which are among the best software solutions for the asset management industry. We are impressed by the customer portfolio of GP3 and Decalog, which includes many of the largest asset managers and fund administrators in Europe, China, South Africa and the US. Our primary objective is to ensure the continuity of these longlasting relations, and the acquisition of many new customers, based on best-in-class customer service, as well as functional and technical leadership. We are convinced that NeoXam has a strong growth potential and are eager to support the development of the company internationally.”