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Comparadise is a French online agreggator specialized on the financial products.

Comparadise offers free online services that enable Internet users to compare a wide range of insurance and credit quotes for individuals and SME. The aggregators are directly connected to insurers and banks’ softwares that price premiums, and display real-time contracts, sorted by price and characteristics. Internet users can then purchase insurance policies online or by phone via call centres of insurers or credit institutions.

Comparadise is a group of financial services comparison sites, including MisterAssur, Mutuelle Conseil, HyperAssur, KelAssur and Kredity:

  • MisterAssur, KelAssur and HyperAssur are generalist insurance aggregators offering auto, motorcycle, pets and health insurance quotes to Internet users, as well as niche products.
  • Mutuelle Conseil is an online aggregator specialized in individual and collective health insurance.
  • Kredity is an online aggregator specialized in consumer credit, debt restructuring and online banking.




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